filter force


Hydraulic Repairs & Field Services is a proud filter distributor for Filter Force our filter affiliated company, and best of all, it’s all under one roof.

Filter Force was established in 2012 by Mr RP de Klerk and EP de Klerk. With their vast experience in the hydraulic industry, they identified the fast growing need for an effective filtration company in the North West province. The company was thriving within its first year, with well-organized stock and agencies with the leading South African and world wide filter brands.

Filter Force was appointed as agents for Baldwin, Fleet guard, Shell, Rovos, Parker and Forte Additives.

After just 4 years, Filter Force boasts with a fully equipped store for all stock on hand, specialized staff and management who have a passion for the industry and our clients’ needs.

Sales On:

  • Service kits made-up for every type of application
  • Air filters & air cleaners
  • Oil filters
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Water traps & separators
  • Antifreeze
  • Oil lubrication & additives