Hydraulic Repairs & Field Services are proud to offer our customers piece of mind with our testing equipment. All jobs are tested on our premises to ensure the highest standard of workmanship and fitness for purpose. Test certificates can be supplied on request. A copy is also attached to the particular job card.

We are able to test: cylinders, pumps, control valves, steering valves, hydraulic motors, jacks, steering boxes and steering racks, power packs, lifting tackle, accumulators, coolers and hand pumps. Please contact us for further information.

Test Benches:

  • Cylinder test bench
  • Hydraulic motor & pump test bench with a brake
  • Valve test bench
  • Jack test bench

Testing equipment:

  • Flow and pressure test metre
  • Load cell (registered lifting machinery inspector – LMI)
  • In line testing equipment:
    • Trucks (steering boxes, steering valve and steering pumps)
    • Side tippers (pumps, motors, control valves and cylinders)
    • Bulkfeeders (pumps, motors, control valves and cylinders)
    • Vehicles (steering boxes, steering racks and steering pumps)